Investing in Commercial Property? Not ’til you read this!



If you’re thinking of investing in commercial real estate, you might ask: should I hire a commercial real estate agent?

While it’s possible to do the search on your own, there are many benefits and time savers to having a knowledgeable professional in your corner. Below are some of the amazing ways a commercial real estate professional can help with your search.

1. They Provide Access to More Listings

If you’ve started your search in commercial properties, you’ve certainly discovered lots of free online tools that offer a glimpse into what’s available. But did you know that your commercial real estate agent has access to thousands more listings through services and websites that are only accessible by real estate professionals? By partnering with a commercial real estate agent, you’re broadening your search and having the added benefit of another set of expert eyes to help you sift through the listings… time is money! In addition, agents often gain access to listings before they’re made available to the general public.

2. They Guide You to Smart Investment Decisions

Commercial real estate professionals have a unique skill: when they’re assisting with your search, they’re not just looking at your present needs. They’re helping to determine whether a property will house your new business if you grow to 50 employees, or whether your cash flow will be appropriate in an investment property. Since they’ve seen just about every scenario in the book, they have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you make informed decisions that will pay off in the future.

3. They Connect You to New Networks

The more people you know, the more likely you are to make a connection that will matter. That’s especially true in the high-demand, competitive landscape of commercial real estate. Your commercial real estate professional will have many connections – in and out of the real estate industry – who may be able to help you find the right property. These connections might save you time and money in your search. When you start looking for the right professional partner, keep in mind that their network might connect you to where you want to be.

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11 thoughts on “Investing in Commercial Property? Not ’til you read this!”

  1. In today’s complexities of the off-market and on-market commercial real estate transactions , the role of the real estate agent cannot be overemphasized. He or she definitely will guide you in finding an affordable home. Such home is your dream home which is within your reach.

  2. I don’t plan to invest in commercial real estate, however if I did, I most certainly would use an agent, just like when buying a house. I need someone on my side to help me with the process! Thanks for this!

  3. I honestly don’t know why anyone would ever attempt to look for space without a broker. There are just too many thinks that can go wrong in a Real Estate transaction and you need someone who has the knowledge base with your best interests at heart.

  4. I wouldn’t buy any real estate without consulting a Realtor for all the reasons you mention. It’s a massive time-saver, for one thing. Just tell your Realtor what you’re looking for and wait for the call. Plus, I love the idea of using a licensed professional who is bound, legally and ethically, to do what’s best for her client. Great piece!

  5. Absolutely agree. As we have many family members in the field, CRE, RE & Brokers have had to rethink the value that can be provided to the potential client(s). Being Value driven changes everything. In this area, word of mouth, referral is prime, yet sometimes it is being in the right place at the right time. (Anywhere you are.)

    Opening your face and conversing with anyone within 6 feet. Never know who you meet that may know someone, if not them, and this introduction is invaluable. If not right this minute, maybe next month, have phone? Get phone # and immediately call them to be sure it is correct before leaving them. A text within 24 hours thanking them for conversing. Life is one big connecting story.
    Being able to give up references, here’s how i saved….$$$ for (?) due to….and I can do this for you…your family member, your friend etc…

  6. I’ve got several friends who invest regularly in commercial real estate here in CA. It’s great business, and the residual income is incredible. I look forward to getting into some investment property one of these days myself.

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