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5 Tips for Small Business Goal Setting in 2015

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5 tips for small business goal setting in 2015


2015.. already?!

I know, it’s that time of year again… the time to reflect on the book of 2014 as the last chapter comes to a close.

I thought it would be fitting to share some of my goal setting tips with you, and I truly hope you find some inspiration! With the holiday season dancing around us, we’re all super busy, so thank you for taking the time to read this – I will keep it short and sweet. Promise!

Tip #1: Set a maximum of 3 goals

It is difficult to focus on achieving your goals if you have too many of them in various directions, so play it safe and strive for just three. You can do it!

Tip #2: Be Prepared

Once you set have your goals, create an action plan on how to get there. If it is a financial goal, chunk it out into monthly goals, or even weekly goals. If it’s attainable, you’ll get there sooner and feel a greater sense of accomplishment, likely to keep you going.

Tip #3: Seek Out Your Audience & Customers

It is so crucial to KNOW your audience, and deliver valuable content to them. What is your edge that keeps your audience wanting more? Know who they are and anticipate their needs. It’s as easy as reaching out to a customer on Twitter who is chatting about your niche (hint: check out this article on advanced twitter search!).

Tip #4: Consider Outsourcing

As your business ramps up, there will come a point where there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish your tasks. There is also probably someone who enjoys certain tasks more than you. To help your business grow and expand, consider outsourcing those tasks you struggle with in order to free up more of your time on other things. If it potentially yields revenue, outsourcing specific tasks will pay for itself!

Tip #5: Don’t Let a Stumble be Your Fall

It is obvious that not all of your goals will come to be as you imagined. If they do, way to go! But for the majority of us, this “failure” is inevitable. When your business growth stalls or things continue to go wrong, embrace the challenges and road blocks and don’t let them prevent you from pursuing your ultimate dream. “Fail often so you can succeed sooner,” – Tom Kelley.

Have some goals you want to share? Or maybe you need help with an action plan on how to get there? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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