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6 Small Business Tools I Can’t Live Without

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Not enough hours in a work day to get what you want done? Use your resources! These 6 time-saving tools help automate my marketing and property listing strategy as much as possible. Committing to just a few tools, you can reduce your work-load and focus your energy on what you TRULY need to do to shine.

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1. Google Calendar

It saves lives. I am a BUSY woman, as I’m sure you are too. I schedule the smallest tasks in my calendar to be sure I don’t forget to do what needs to be done. The “share” feature is vital to keeping my office staff, outsourcers, and clients on the same page for meetings and deadlines. Not only does it coordinate with my gmail account, but it’s mobile-friendly for on-the-go scheduling.

2. Canva

I am a graphic design guru with the power of Canva! Seriously, if you haven’t tested it out yet, you need to immediately. Create personal branded graphics with custom color and font schemes to unify your image. Drop in your logo and brand those photos! I create everything from my business cards, social media graphics, Real Estate listings, and more on Canva.

3. Hootsuite

If I sat on my phone and tweeted all day, I would get nothing done. I schedule tweets (around 20/day) that automatically post throughout the day. I mix the content between quotes, biz tips, my blog content, and questions to my audience. From here, all I need to do is take time to respond and engage with my following.

4. Post Planner

Similar to hootsuite. I use post-planner to schedule my facebook content. What’s special about this app is that it curates popular graphic or news content based on searches you provide. I use folders like “tampa business” or “tampa real estate” to find my news, and “motivation” and “business tips” for popular graphic content.

5. WordSwag

This little app packs a punch. As the on-the-go business woman that I am, WordSwag makes it easy to throw together a graphic to post online. It could be an inspirational quote, property photo, or listing information. Upload your logo and BAM, you’ve got a branded masterpiece.

6. When it doubt, outsource it out!

When you’re ready, do it! This will save you even MORE time and let you feel at ease as a professional is handling your platforms. Out of sight, out of mind— and more time for you put your focus where it counts. You can outsource social media management, blog writing, graphic creation, and more. Check this article to learn more about the various types of virtual assistants (Via! 

What are some of your favorite small business tools? Share the knowledge!

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